Toms AVR macro assembler - tavrasm 1.21 ============================================================================= tavrasm - A GNU/Linux assembler for the Atmel AVR series of micro-controllers. Copyright (C) 1999-2003 Tom Mortensen This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. Introduction ============================================================================= tavrasm is an assembler for the Atmel AVR family of micro-controllers. It uses a syntax similar to the one found in the Atmel AVR DOS assembler. Some of the features includes: - Super-set of Atmel AVR assembler. - Macros in macros. - Save Intel HEX, Motorola S-record, Generic and binary output. - More than 100 warning/error messages. - Atmel object files compatible with Atmel's AVR Studio. - C escape characters in char/string literals. - Runs on (win)DOS, Linux, OS/2, Solaris, ... - Free software released under GPL. Installation ============================================================================= Copy the tavrasm executable (tavrasm.exe for OS/2 and DOS) to a directory in your path. Running ============================================================================= Just type 'tavrasm file.asm'. This will generate an Intel HEX output file ('file.hex'). To get help, type 'tavrasm' with no arguments. Compiling ============================================================================= tavrasm should compile on most systems that are supported by gcc. I haven't check for endianes, so this might be a problem if anybody wants to compile it on non-i386 systems (mail me, and I will fix this). Check the makefile for additional information. Systems supported ============================================================================= Linux/x86: I wrote parts of tavrasm on a Linux/x86. Linux/PPC: Andreas Bogk reports that he has successfully compiled tavrasm on a LinuxPPC machine. Linux/Alpha: Now works (after a little bug fix). FreeBSD: Lots of people runs tavrasm on FreeBSD. Sparc: I have received reports from serveral people running tavrasm on a Sparc station. OS/2: I wrote the initial version of tavrasm on OS/2 (using emx) Bugs/Suggestions/Patches ============================================================================= Please send any bug-reports/suggestions/patches to me ( History ============================================================================= 1.21 - Added support for the ATMega 128 Thanks to Jens Wilhelm Wulf for supplying the patch. Fixed problem with the .align directive . Thanks to Rolf for reporting this. 1.20 - Added .align directive. Thanks to John Romein for supplying the patch to implement this. 1.19 - Messed up applying some of the pathces in 1.18 :-( 1.18 - Added support for specifying unsigned integer values [0; 2^32-1] Thanks to Richard Gerrits for pointing out the problem. Added support for specifying Z/Y/Z for adiw, sbiw and movw. Thanks to Richard Barrington for suggesting this. Added support for a bunch of Mega devices. Thanks to Andreas Schwarz for supplying a patch with these. Fixed problems compiling with GCC 3.2 Several people supplied patches, but I was just too busy integrating them. Thanks to Patrick Dreker for supplying the final patch. 1.17 - Added support for the BYTE1 (same as LOW) function. Thanks to Timothy Lee for supplying this patch. Fixed path delimiter problem in include path. I used DOS style '\' causing problems on *NIX. Thanks to Timothy Lee for reporting this. 1.16 - Fixed problem with long macro names. Thanks to Richard Gerrits for reporting this. Increased maximum identifier length to 64 (and no, this was not the fix to the problem above :). Added support for using DOS (\13\10) files on *NIX systems. Change URL to in help/README/... 1.15 - Added support for multiple include path. Use '-I' to specify additional include paths. Thanks to Brian Rhodefer for adding this. Added option to omit address extension record in Intel HEX files. Use '-h' to omit address extension record. Released November 2000 1.14 - Added support for forward .org statements. Use '-f' to supress warnings. Thanks to Brian Rhodefer for suggesting this. Not released 1.13 - Some overall clean up and german translations. Added support for local labels. Use _ as the first charcter of a label to give it local scope between two non-local labels. Specify -x to enable local labels. Changed range checking code to allow negative numbers in some cases. Thanks to Kurt Stege for implementing local labels and cleaning up the code. Not released 1.12 - Added the 'spm' instruction (forgot the first time around) Thanks to Jochen Pernsteiner for pointing this out. Released December 1999 1.11 - Now the Alpha problem is fixed (I forgot to move fix from test to release source). Fixed promlem with detecting supported instructions (Introduced in 1.10) - Thanks to Mark V. Vaysman for reporting this. Removed carriage returns from source, so it will compile under *NIX without problems. Thanks to Todd M. Squires for reporting this. Released December 1999 1.10 - Added the new instructions: 'eijmp', 'eicall', 'espm', 'mulsu', 'fmul', 'fmuls', 'fmulsu', 'muls', 'movw', 'elpm'. Changed behaviour of 'lpm' according to Atmel specs. Added spanish translation - Thanks to Lluis Ballester for supplying the Spanish translation. Fixed .endm problem (it had to be lower case) - It was reported on comp.arch.embedded by Ben Cantrick. Released December 1999 1.09 - Fixed problem with BRBC/BRBS (they did not work). I used the status bit number for both source and destination operand (word of advise - don't use variable names like 'values' and 'valued' in the same context :) Fixed problem when compiling on Alpha's Thanks to Todd M. Squires for reporting these (and supplying a patch for the Alpha problem). Released December 1999 1.08 - Fixed problem with SBR (Set Bits in Register). This is the same as ORI, but the SBR version had a bug (one of those that generates faulty code), bit 0 was always set. Thanks to Dean Huxley for reporting this (and supplying a patch). Added support for AT90S4433 (similar to 4414/4434). Released July 1999 1.07 - Added support for using PC as program counter (i.e. rjmp PC+4), EC as eeprom counter and DC as data counter. Thanks to Adam Dybkowski for suggesting this. Released May 1999 1.06 - Added support for wrapping branches and relative call/jumps Use the '-a' switch to enable this feature. Thanks to Jochen Pernsteiner for suggesting this. Restored the generic hex format. The generic hex format disappeared in version 1.03 (when the default file format was changed to Intel Hex). Use the '-g' switch to generate generic hex (files that looks like this: "000021:f7f0"). Released May 1999 1.05 - Fixed problem with detection of binary numbers like '0b010101'. This was bug was introduced by the new hex detection feature in V. 1.04 :( Thanks to Randy Ott for reporting this. Fixed problem with memset of context stack that caused the winDOS version to crash on some systems (strange that Linux/NT did not detect this obvious memory violation). Thanks to Steve Maddigan for reporting this, and to my friend Henning for finding the bug. Released May 1999 1.04 - Fixed problem with tabs after include filename, thanks to Andreas Bogk for reporting this. Added support for specifying hex values like 1AB without '$' or '0x' thanks to Andreas Bogk for suggesting this. Changed distribution format, so source i now located in a sub-directory. Released April 1999 1.03 - Modified to support Intel hex as the default. Now automatically determines the output file name. Exits with a count of the number of errors (for make). Thanks to Jim Dowling for supplying these patches. Released March 1999 1.02 - Added support for German - Thanks to Uwe Bonnes for supplying the German translation. Released February 1999 1.01 - Fixed alignment problem with forward references to .db in CSEG ,thanks to Rob Penny for reporting this. Added a -d option to list supported devices. Updated the device information. Released January 1999 1.00 - Initial release September 1998 TODO - None of these are critical, but would be nice :-) ============================================================================= - Write some documentation !!! - Change source to new {} style (they finally convinced me :-) - Change handling of code/ROM buffers. - Make more language versions (French/Italian) (find someone to help me) - 0m01010101 Set mask - .def PowerStatus = Autoreg high = reset, monitor - opcode aliases med SBCI / SUBI = 255-ADCI/ADBI - Sinw / Cosw / Sinb / Cosb - define macros ============================================================================= Copenhagen, July 2003 Tom Mortensen E-mail : WWW : =============================================================================